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At Bandboo, your premium is pooled together with the premium of other members. When there is a verified claim event, the payout is drawn from this pool. At the end of each membership term, you receive a full rebate on your premium that has not been paid out as claims.


Enjoy a peace-of-mind by reducing your deductibles to ZERO!


Choose from a daily premium of $4.50 to $9.00
Monthly Premium
Excess Cover Amount
S$136.88 (~S$4.50/day) S$1,000
S$182.50 (~S$6.00/day) S$2,000
S$228.13 (~S$7.50/day) S$3,000
S$273.75 (~S$9.00/day) S$4,000
At the end of each month, all leftover premium after paying out verified claims from the community and deducting the membership fee is fully refundable to you


Since we refund all premiums after payouts back to you, we need your help to sustain this platform
Our Bandboo monthly membership fee is 12% of the respective premium amount
This membership fee will allow us to cover the costs of claims handling, platform system maintenance fees, distribution and administrative overhead


All claims are filed online and digitally through our membership portal.
If you are involved an accident and are liable for insurance excess, you will be eligible to receive a payout equivalent to excess charged to you (capped at your chosen excess amount)