About Bandboo

At Bandboo, we imagine.
We imagine how we can make the world a better place by harnessing cutting-edge technologies.
We imagine how we can do things differently and not be satisfied with the status quo.
This is what spurs us to explore deep into an industry that has barely changed for the past two hundred years.
We imagine an insurance for which you pay premiums only when there are claims, whereby your trust will no longer be misplaced.
But imagination without action is no more than a dream.
At Bandboo, we have transformed a dream of many Singaporeans into reality by creating the first affordable and sustainable unemployment insurance in Singapore.
Insurance can be better, if only you dare imagine.


Ashley Kee

Co-Founder & CEO

Ashley is a lawyer by training but has erstwhile spent his career in private equity. He has three years of experience in portfolio management and strategic business development. At Bandboo, Ashley is in charge of corporate finance and leads the team to explore new products and venture into new markets.

Ng Zhong Qin

Co-Founder & CTO

Zhong Qin was awarded the IDA NIS scholarship to read Computer Engineering and has five years of experience developing internet-facing applications at a financial institution. At Bandboo, Zhong Qin is the creator of our proprietary blockchain-based platform.

Ou Zhiqi

Co-Founder & COO

Zhiqi holds a degree in Economics. He taught Economics at a local institute for three years before joining as a founding member at a food technology startup and subsequently an education technology startup. At Bandboo, Zhiqi develops the forecasting framework for our insurance communities and devises go-to-market strategies.

Chee Chun Woei


Chun Woei brings to Bandboo two decades of startup experience. While practising as an IP lawyer, he co-founded and advised numerous start-ups. More recently, he co-founded Global IP Exchange, a platform that facilitates investment of intellectual property. At Bandboo, Chun Woei develops the business strategy and directs its execution.