Enjoy 100% unconditional rebate of your premium not used to pay out claims

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Insurance companies take on your risks in exchange for the premiums you pay them as their revenue. Bandboo is an insurance technology platform that does not take on any risk. Instead, we help you to spread your risks out in a safe and affordable manner.

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No Conflict of Interest

Traditional Insurance:
Your premiums are the insurance company’s revenue. Every dollar paid out to you for your claims is a dollar less in profit for the insurance company.

All premiums you have paid belong to you and stay in your Bandboo Account. We make no profits by denying claims.


High Transparency

Traditional Insurance:
You have no information on how your premiums are calculated or what they are used for.

You have full access to the information on payouts and premiums required each month.


Low Cost

Traditional Insurance:
Excess premiums collected are pocketed as profits.

100%, unconditional rebate of premiums not used to pay out claims.

Your Protection

Unemployment Insurance

Less than $1.17/day premium

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Our Promise

100% Unconditional Rebate

The premium you have paid is used only for payouts.

Whatever that is leftover after paying out claims is refunded to you fully and conditionally at the end of each year.

The Technology

Blockchain Ledger

Our proprietary blockchain-based ledger tracks all records on premiums, payouts and claims. It cannot be altered, not even by the Bandboo administration.

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